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The Villain Era Bundle 🖤 ( 4 E-Books + Course + Shadow Work Journal + 2 Subliminals)

The Villain Era Bundle 🖤 ( 4 E-Books + Course + Shadow Work Journal + 2 Subliminals)

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Do you want to completely reinvent yourself?

Just gone through a break up?

Looking for a glow up?

Embody your inner Siren  and get what you deserve in life

Tap into your power today with the help of all books + our new dating course and money manifestation guide on our site:

Embody your inner Siren: How to master the Secrets of Seduction The international bestseller

The Body Language + Siren Gaze + Sex Guide

NEW: 17 Male Target Types & How to make them obsessed 

Shadow Work Journal with 100+ prompts to help you heal and grow

Choose Healthy Relationships Course to stop you from dating toxic men and finally choose queen treatment.

Money Manifestation Mini Guide: How to seduce money into your life

Learning you the secrets of seduction and manipulation your favourite celebrities use.

Case Studies + Exercises to help you show up as the woman you always wanted to be e. This is a lifestyle.

Welcome to your Siren Era

Tap into your power today.

Now with free 528 HZ Siren Gaze Seduction + Solfeggio Frequency


432 HZ Embody your inner Siren Confidence Self love Chakra Subliminal




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