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Body Language + Orgasmic expressions + Sex Guide

Body Language + Orgasmic expressions + Sex Guide

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Want to seduce anyone by just a look in their eyes? 

Want to master seduction through body language?

Seduction is a subtle proces and this guide will learn you how to strategically use body language to inspire obsession.

Manipulation is using human nature to your benefit and that is why you'll learn how to use the 5 senses, master your siren gaze the art of flirting and even the sexual tips and tricks of a siren.

This guide will help you to feel confident in the bed room and help you master the communication skills to seduce and get what you want. These body language skills are applicable to influence any situation to your benefit.

Use this guide to fully embody your inner siren through the perception you create with your look, movement, speech, your eyes and hypnotise by creating the goddess effect.

  • orgasmic expressions
  • siren eyes + subliminal messages
  • case study + exercise
  • make up
  • body language 
  • seduction through the 5 senses
  • the art of flirting
  • sex and the siren 




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