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528 HZ Siren Gaze Seduction + Solfeggio Frequency

528 HZ Siren Gaze Seduction + Solfeggio Frequency

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This subliminal is created to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. It is 4 minutes long, contains meditation music, the 528 HZ frequency + Solfeggio Frequency and 50+ specific affirmations.

This is the subliminal is here to help you perfect your seductive gaze and it's power over others. You can send subliminal messages and hypnotise someone via your eyes. This book is best used in combination with the Siren Gaze guide.

some of the affirmations in the subliminal:

I have the most seductive eyes

People get lost in my eyes

My eyes are hypnotic

I hypnotise people with my eyes

I get to someones subconscious through their eyes

My gaze is the most seductive in the world

I can make anyone I want obsessed with my gaze

No one can resist me after looking into my eyes

For best results listen to this while looking in the mirror and practicing your siren gaze. I also recommend listening to it morning and night.

Via a direct download link you can download the mp3 file to your device and listen to it with headphones.



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